Why Should Wall Mount the Television in your Somerset County NJ home.

Wall Mount TV somerset county nj — Since the invention of the television, there have been many advances in design. The TV started out as a small black and white unit with very few channels. In the beginning, not every home had a television and if they did, generally, there was only one per household. As the TV evolved, its screen did not increase, but the housing of the television grew so large it became a piece of furniture. Due to rapid technological advances, the TV was able to display broadcasts in color and became available in various sizes.

As the technology of the TV continued to develop, so did the ability to broadcast in new and improved ways such as the introduction of digital cable and fiber optics which brings a much higher resolution of picture than ever before seen. The advancement of greater resolution gives the ability to view in high definition.

Today's newest craze is the wall mounting of a flat screen television. Moving a TV off the floor will free up valuable space. These wall mounted televisions can be found in various settings and on many different surfaces.

In a living room, family room or a game room, TVs are often mounted over a fireplace constructed of drywall, plaster & lath, brick, stone or any other material you can think of. They are also found over bathtubs and even the mirror of a medicine cabinet can be a television screen.

In the office, flat screen televisions are often used as scheduling boards or to continuously update company announcements. They can also be used for live media coverage- everything from watching the stock market to local weather and traffic. Flat screen TVs are also useful for training purposes, presentations and video conferencing.

One reason why flat screens are so popular is due to their high picture resolution, which is crisper and cleaner, therefore they can also double as a computer monitor.

Not only can the wires be hidden in the wall when the equipment is directly below the television, but through the use of infrared technology, you can remotely control equipment such as cable boxes, VCRs, DVD/blue-ray players, receivers, and stereo equipment. You no longer have to stare at these eyesores as you can hide this equipment in a closet, credenza, or cabinet, which will provide more living space.

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