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Landscape Lighting roxbury nj
roxbury nj — Landscape lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal of your home or office, while increasing the value of your property. It does this by tying your landscape to your structure, giving it a personalized look during the day and a unique ambiance at night.

  There are two different types of landscape lighting: solar powered and hard wired. Each of them offers a different kind of illumination. Solar powered lights are the easiest to install, because there is no wiring involved, but they give off the least amount of light, and have a blue tint. Hard wired lighting "line voltage" and "low voltage" take more time to install because they require underground wiring; however, their illumination is far superior.  

Once you have determined the type of lighting that best suits your landscape, new challenges arise, such as what combination of lighting, where do I place them and how many. An experienced installer will be able to work with you ensuring your property is accented properly while offering a sense of security. 

Since it gets dark at a different time every day we recommend installing a photo cell timer combination. This lowers your energy costs while eliminating the hassle of constantly trying to remember to adjust your timer. The way this works is the timer is the clock and the photo cell reacts to the sun. When working together, the photo cell takes care of illuminating your landscape at the proper time every day, while the timer will turn them off at whatever time you desire each night. So your only worry should be changing the light bulbs.

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