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General Lighting florham park nj
florham park nj — Everyone likes to decorate their home to their own taste. Some people, especially owners of older homes, may love the classic look of antique living room and bedroom furniture with its dark, polished wood finishes, while those who live in newer homes may prefer the lighter, more airy look of modern designs. But whatever your preference, its appearance can be greatly enhanced by selecting the proper lighting to show it to its best advantage.

Ceiling lights, commonly used in hallways, foyers and bathrooms and often in the bedrooms of older homes, usually have glass covers in a variety of shapes and colors. Floor and table lamps — the primary source of lighting in most residential living rooms and many family rooms — come in an almost endless variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. You may not be aware, however, of some of the alternatives to conventional lighting that can make your home as distinctive as you are. Some of these alternatives include:

  • Wall Sconces - These decorative fixtures can add a distinctive accent to many rooms in your home, but can look out of place if they don't complement the room's style. Look for a simple iron wall sconce that works with a classic living room, for example, or buy a decorative wall sconce that features elegant scrollwork for a formal dining room. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that some fixtures provide more light than others do. For subtle, subdued lighting, consider candle wall sconces in your bedroom or along a hallway. Larger glass sconces, however, will provide clean, white light in your living room or family room.
  • Pendants - Dropped lights, also called pendants, are good choices for the kitchen. Available in different finishes and styles, the most popular ones are those made with glass shades that come in different shapes and colors. They not only help illuminate busy work areas, but can also add elegance to an otherwise busy area. Adding three pendant lights above the bar or peninsula, for example, can add brightness and elegance that can reflect beautifully on granite counters, showcasing the beauty of the design.
  • Chandeliers - Commonly used in dining rooms, a chandelier can become a decorative focal point, enhancing the beauty of your fine furnishings. Use a dimmer to control the brightness of the glow. When the light is dimmed, a soft, glowing atmosphere similar to candlelight is created, adding intimacy to a fine dining experience. Chandeliers can also be added to a formal living room to add grandeur as well as provide illumination.
  • Mirror Lighting - In the bathroom, vanity or mirror lighting needs to be bright but not glaring. The best mirror lighting surrounds the face with light, providing light from all sides that minimizes shadows under the chin, eyes, cheeks, and forehead. Some bathroom vanities are equipped with 'Hollywood' style lights, or round light bulbs in strips around the edges. However, a wall sconce on either side of the mirror can work nicely without being too overbearing.

How you choose to light each room of your house can go a long way toward creating enjoyable and functional living spaces. In addition to simply making things look brighter, well-designed lighting plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere. You can mix and match your lighting choices in each room. You can also try rearranging the placement and intensity of the light sources to provide a new look and functionality.

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