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Electric Breaker Box Upgrade parsippany njWhen many people hear the term "service upgrade" they believe that it means upgrading the amps coming into their main distribution panel This is a common misconception since the potential current coming into the main electrical service panel is a constant due to the fact that is generated by your local power company, like JCP&L or PSE&G.

When we use the term "service upgrade" what we actually mean is the amount of current that your main electrical panel can handle. Basically, the more current your panel is rated for the more room you have for circuits.

Another common misconception is that if they have a circuit that constantly needs resetting that a service upgrade will correct this problem. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. An electric service upgrade does not redistribute the current for each circuit but again it only gives you the ability for expansion. Basically what this means is if you have a circuit tripping and have no room in your existing panel a service upgrade would give you the room need to split the circuit and thus decreasing the demand on one over current protection device.

Sometimes a circuit upgrade will correct this problem because over time the breaker and/ or fuse weaken because of its continuous use. Whether or not your circuit is tripping it is in constant use because there is, always current running through it. The older a circuit gets the more it is prone to fail. Here are a few easy ways to help you determine if you are in need of a service upgrade.

If you go outside and look at your service entrance cable (the cable that runs from the power company's wire to your meter) if it is cracked and frayed or you can see bare wire this is a strong indication that you require a service upgrade.

If you open your main electrical service panel, on the inside cover should be the manufacture's specifications on how many circuits the panel is rated for:

  • Count the number of breakers and/or fuses and if you have more circuits than specified on the panel by the manufacturer you are exceeding the rating of your electrical service panel, which could potential be dangerous.   
  • if when you count your circuits it matches or is less than the number indicated by the manufacturer your next step is to take the cover off and look for what we call a "double tapped" circuit. What this means is that there are two or more wires under the same screw. Some people do this in order to avoid a service change and what generally happens is this causes nuisance tripping. An easy way to remedy this problem is if you have room, split the circuit and if not a service upgrade is recommend.  

While you have, the panel cover open look closely at all the wires and if they look cracked and brittle, it is due to insulation being overheated. Sometimes people put a larger breaker or fuse in their panel than the wire can handle causing the insulation to break down. If you see this, you want to have a certified electrician examine your panel.

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