Door Bell / Intercom System for your Wharton NJ home.

door bell - electrician wharton nj wharton nj — Paul McCartney recorded "Someone's knockin' at the door" back in 1976. If he were writing the song today and had a hands-free video intercom system installed in his home, he wouldn't have to wonder who it might be or ask someone to, "Do me a favor, open the door and let 'em in." Instead, he could not only see who it was, but even unlock the door remotely from wherever he happened to be in the house and "let 'em in" himself.

The basic system includes a small, weather resistant doorbell camera that can be mounted unobtrusively beside the front door, a 3.5-inch digital LCD color monitor that can be easily fastened to an inside wall, and a small power supply that works from the home's own internal electrical wiring. If the homeowner desires, the system can be easily expanded to include two separate doorbell cameras mounted beside different doors and 4 color monitors in different rooms of the house. Each monitor contains a microphone, a speaker and a button that can be pushed to unlock the appropriate door.

The intercom system allows you to identify and communicate with callers at the door from the safety and convenience of any room in your home or office. Visitors activate the system by pressing a "Call" button on the outdoor camera, which immediately sounds a doorbell chime and turns on all of the video monitors in the house. The two-way intercom then allows you to speak with the visitor from whichever monitor you happen to be near and, if you have identified them as safe, remotely unlock the door to allow them to enter. If nothing on the monitor is pressed after speaking with the visitor, the system will automatically time out and reset itself for the next caller. You also have the option of instantly terminating activity on monitor by pressing the cutoff button or extending activity to 90 seconds by pressing the monitor button.

The versatile system even allows you to choose a one-way or a two-way conversation. In one-way mode, the visitor can hear your voice but you are unable to hear theirs. This can be a useful option if the outdoor environment becomes excessively noisy because of nearby construction or a passing emergency vehicle, for example.

When the system is not being used to identify and admit outside visitors, it can be used as an internal intercom to communicate with other occupants of the house. Simply pressing the intercom button on any monitor will cause all of the other monitors in the house to ring with a bell tone. The host can then speak and broadcast a message lasting up to 20 seconds to all the other monitors. During those 20 seconds, the recipients of the message can press the intercom button and engage in a two-way conversation with the host for up to 90 seconds. This is especially convenient when the people engaging in the conversation are on separate floors. Of course, since the monitor does not contain a camera, no video pictures are displayed.

The system does require installation by a licensed electrician. The cost varies according to the complexity of the system, but a free estimate is available upon request.

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