Understanding Different Kinds of Lighting
Use Your Lighting Correctly in your Wharton NJ home.

General Lighting

lighting contractor wharton njThese types of lights are usually in the form of recessed lights, surface mounted fixtures, semi flushed fixtures or hanging fixtures. Now where most people fail to think outside the box is if you already have a service-mounted fixture it is very easy to replace that with recessed lighting, which is more even light throughout the room. This is not very difficult even if there is no access above the space you are installing the lights due to the holes that are created for the high hats go into. One concern of many people is the amount of heat loss after installing high hats into a space, which has an attic access above. Not to worry because the new recessed lights have gaskets and are constructed to be air tight. What this means is that it is almost like the ceiling was never opened and that a surface mounted or hanging fixture actually will have more heat loss

Task Lighting

lighting contractor wharton njThere are many different kinds of task lighting such as pendants over islands and pennisulas, chandeliers over tables and scones over vanities. Two of my favorite types of task lights are under cabinets and closet lights. Under cabinet lighting is special because it is multifunctional. When you are cooking, it provides the illumination needed on the counter top but when the cooking is done and the lights are dimmed, it serves as a night light for your kitchen area. Closet lights are a nice feature for everyone trying to get ready in the morning. The best type of light to use in a closet is florescent. Now I know many of you cringe when you hear the words "florescent lighting" but it is the best way to color match your clothes. Clothes under an incandescent lights tend to have a yellow tint. While clothes under a fluorescent light tend to show truer color because it is the closest thing to natural sunlight that is currently offered. Trying to choose colors that match should not be a stressful part of your day.

Accent Lighting

lighting contractor wharton njThis is my favorite type of lighting because it is a way of creatively adding illumination while calling attention to the things in which you are most passionate. One way to accentuate the architecture is to lay rope lighting in the modeling of a tray ceiling and watch the ambiance of light that is cast from atop the tray. Smaller low voltage recessed lights with directional trims can be used to illuminate artwork, credenzas and china cabinets. One of the great things about this type of lighting when used with artwork is when the amount of light on the artwork is adjusted the color appears to change before your eyes. Another example of how to use lighting creatively is by illuminating your favorite plants. They can be lit by overhead lighting to capture the surface colors of your favorite plants or by lighting from underneath where light is filtered through your foliage creating a unique cascading effect. Scones were referenced earlier as task lighting but they also make for great accent lighting when pictures and mantles are properly flanked giving it a more traditional look.

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